Breaking the Silence…

It has been more than nine months since the website and forums have been taken offline (Read more…)

It has been more than five years since Kapoks was last involved in any kind of activity.

And in that time, sightings of the clan’s leader, Knit, have been very few and very far between in the gaming community as a whole, let alone around these parts.

This has left the clan, for the first time in its history, in a persistent state of dormancy; a state that, until this day, remains unaddressed.





….And now, the silence is broken:


In recent years, while the clan itself has laid dormant, the site has provided a useful platform for former clan members to find us and reconnect.

I am hoping to reinstate this platform (or something very similar) in the coming months so please keep checking back. It will be great to hear how everyone is doing and where you are with your lives.

In terms of the clan, my playing time is, at best, infrequent and limited to anti-social hours so I don’t expect Kapoks to be awoken any time in the near future (if at all)

However, for those of you who love to reminisce, I plan to extend this site beyond being just a communication platform and will publish lots of the clan’s old data – battles, members, cups/ladders that we participated in, etc.


The Leader of Kapoks BattleClan

The End (For Now…)

A statement from Kapoks’ Website Administrator, Jason “Driskell”:

Dear Visitor,

As of July 2016 the Kapoks website and forums are now offline indefinitely.

There were many good times, and good people, and good dicussions, and the world was good. However, over time, we’ve drifted apart, grown up, started our families, full-time occuptations and made new friends. The forums were a great place to reach out to old friends on ocassions and see how we’ve moved around.

As time moved on, the licensing for the forums expired, I switched jobs, moved the server, and left things running. However, maintenance problems began to creep in. The forum software was now approaching several years old, but holding out well, though with no more updates getting released. The server was not holding out so well, with updates taking longer to apply due to dependencies becoming obsoleted and conflicts beginning to appear.

Then a few months ago I discovered a trojan file within the forum. It should be assumed that the database was stolen and, if you shared your account password with any other website, you should immediately change those passwords. I apologise sincerely.

It’s at this point that I believe it in the best interests to cease availability of the website and forums. Having now also rebuilt the entire server from scratch to bring it in line with my own professional standards, it would take a substantial amount of time to migrate everything and upgrade the forum software to ensure the future safety and viability of the sites.

This does not necessarily mean the end. I encourage members to find me on Twitter if you wish to remain in touch.

@SirDriskell on Twitter
SirDriskell on PlayStation

To the future ?!

Yours faithfully,

Omnipotent Forum Administrator